Steps to Take When You Suspect Pharmacy Malpractice

    The shock of learning that your loved one has died soon after starting a new medication prescribed by a doctor may leave you wondering if there was a medication error, pharmacy error, pharmacy misfill, or medication misfill. You may wonder whether you should file a lawsuit, or whether you should file an lawsuit against the pharmacy. You wonder how to begin. How to find an overdose lawyer or a pharmacy malpractice lawyer. How do you contact a pharmacy misfill lawyer and convince her that the patient died of malpractice or overdose or as a result of a pharmacy error or misfilled prescription?

1.    The first thing to do when you suspect pharmacy malpractice, is to gather information. What medication did your loved one take and what was the medication for? What other medications was the patient taking? What did he tell other family members about the medication, what the dose was or how it made him feel? Talk to your family and make notes for your lawyer about what you learned and what was said. What doses of medication did the patient take?  Did the patient take the medication as prescribed? Do you have the bottle and can you show that the correct number of pills are remaining? Was there an autopsy? These are some of the questions you should ask and that a good malpractice lawyer will ask you about the circumstances surrounding the death of the patient.

    Did you obtain the medical records or pharmacy?  It is not necessary to get the medical or pharmacy records immediately after your family member dies, but if you have those, you should tell the malpractice or wrongful death lawyer about that.  

2.    Now that you have some information about the potential pharmacy malpractice, medical condition of the patient, possible new medication or possible overdose, start researching medical malpractice or overdose lawyers.

Find an overdose lawyer or medical malpractice lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling medical malpractice, overdose or prescription error cases.