Legal Advice for Families.

Some families find us because they are distressed over a young adult or spouse's increased use of prescription medication. They feel helpless about their ability to intervene, convince the physician to stop prescribing, and get a family member into rehab.

Some families find us because they want information about who regulates physicians and clinics. They want to know how to begin the process of complaining about a physician's prescribing practices, a pill mill or a dangerous methadone clinic.

Some families find us after they receive an autopsy report. They want help understanding why a family member died, and if any regulations or laws were violated. 

We can provide advice to families and assist with (1) investigating deaths and overdoses, by advising about applicable federal laws and regulations, (2) drafting complaints to federal agencies about physicians, clinics and pharmacies that are violating federal law, and (3) understanding whether a physician, hospital, pharmacy, or clinic, including a methadone clinic contributed to a patient's overdose or death by violating federal laws and regulations. Visit our "Legal Help Now" page to purchase documents and consultations. There is also a link there where you can submit a case to us for review.